Amoxicillin, its uses, side-effects and much more

Amoxicillin, its uses, side-effects and much more

We all know that the use of anti-biotic are meant to stop the growth of respective infection in the
body. The uses of the various drugs are for varied purposes with diverse side-effects and uses.
Amoxicillin is also one such drug with the generic name Amoxicillin and the brand name for the drug
is Moxatag. It is a very popular Penicillin medicine which has the potency to fight the bacterial
infections and stop the possible growth of the same. It is highly useful for the use of bacterial
infections but falls flat for the viral infections. Hence there are certain facts about the drugs which
should be known to the users.

Important fact

  • The drug is at times used in combination with Clarithromycin to treat problems like thestomach ulcers. There are also many other forms and brands of the drug available in themarket.
  •  Another important fact is that if the user is allergic to Penicillin antibiotics, then this useful information has to be shared with the doctor so that the physician can prescribe other drug.
  • Complete the course of the drug even if the symptoms of the problem disappear. It is very essential to complete the course of the antibiotic.
  • Pregnant ladies can also consume the drug as it is safe and no untoward incident has been reported.
  • The drug can have interactions with other medicines and thus it is very important that the user should acquaint the doctor with the list of all the other drugs and products which theyconsume.
  • Take plenty of fluids while the course of the medicine is in progress.

Uses of Amoxicillin:

  • It is used for the treatment of the bacterial infections. However, the viral infections cannot be treated with the use of the medicine. Hence patients suffering with common cold and flu are not advised to take the drug. It is also very useful for the treatment of the stomach disorders.
  • It is also very useful for the treatment of the throat infections cause due to the growth of bacteria.
  •  It can treat Gonorrhoea
  • Lower respiratory tract infections can be treated with the help of the drug.
  • Nose infections and urinary tract infections are also treated with the help of the medicine.

Side-effects of the drug:

  •  Any difficulty in breathing or swelling of the face, lips, or eyes has to be reported to the doctor.
  •  The most common side effect of the medicine is diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain.
  • Cough, fever, sore throat, and cold or flu is some of the other common side effects of the drug.
  • Joint pain, swollen glands, rash or itching in the skin are also some of the reported problems.
  •  Confusion of mind, feeling weak, lethargic, dark colored urine, pale face, and yellow eyes are also reported side-effects of the medicine.
  • Vaginal discharge which is abnormal.

These are some of the common side effects of the medicine which has been reported in Medical
Science. It is better to consult the doctor whenever the user feels any of the above mentioned issues
after the consumption of the medicine.

Precautions to be taken before consuming the drug:

 While the course of the medicine is in progress, the ladies who are under the birth control
pills have to discuss their medication with the doctor. The drug has the power to make the
birth control pills less effective.
 People suffering from kidney, liver problems, or having any issues which leads to the
formation of blood cloths should acquaint the doctor with the situation.

How to take:

  • Take the medicine as per the prescription.
  • Consume it at the same time for all the days as per the course.
  • Different forms of Amoxicillin have to be taken accordingly. Some has to be taken prior to the food while should be consumed after the food. The doctor will be able to guide the
  • patient in a better manner.
  •  It is available in syrup form for the babies and the bottle should be shaken well before use.The dosage should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription.
  •  In case of the tablet, it should not be broken or chewed. It has to be swallowed in full.
  •  Skipping the medicine is not a good idea and whenever you remember that you have missed the drug, immediately pops it in the mouth.
  • Do not leave the course in between even if the issue subsides. The course has to be
  • completed.


  • Store it in a cool place away from the children.
  • The syrup should be consumed within two weeks after opening the bottle and then discard

it even if the contents is left in the bottle. It can be stored in the fridge but not the freezer.