Clavulanic Acid and the related information

Clavulanic Acid and the related information

Clavulanic Acid is a drug which is sold under several generic names like Acide Clavulanique,
Clavulanante Potassium, and Potassium Clavulanate. It is available with the brand names Abba, AB-
CV, Abioclav, and ACA to name a few. The drug is not having the potency in itself to emerge as
successful as an antibiotic but when it is combined with Penicillin group of medicines and antibiotics,
the results are convincing. It was patented in 1974.
Every medicine has uses, side-effects, precautions, and other information which the smart user
should be aware of. It is better to be equipped with the proper information to consume the drugs.
Here is the related information regarding the drug. We start with the uses of the drug.

Uses of Clavulanic Acid:

  •  Primarily the drug is used for the treatment of the Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Otitis Media can also be treated with the help of the drug.
  • Infections of the Lower Respiratory Tract can also be treated with the help of the medicine.
  • The drug can also be used for the proper treatment of the Sinusitis.
  • Skin disorders can e effectively treated with the administering of the drug.
  • Ear infections are also reportedly treated with the medicine.

There are certain conditions when the medicine should not be used. The doctor should be told
beforehand about the possible infections or disorders which the users develop with the use of the
drug and thus the physician will not prescribe the drug to the patient. The doctor will then look for
an alternative and not offer the drug to the user. The doctor should be told that the patient is
allergic to the use of Penicillin family of drugs and thus will not be prescribed any drug which falls in
the family.

A list has been prepared to make the patient aware of the side-effects of drug:

  •  The most possible and common side effect of the drug is stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea,nausea, skin rashes, and virginities.
  • Headache and bloating in the stomach is also reported by the patient after the use of thedrug. These problems are common and even the doctors can warn the patients about thepossible side effects which they may face after the consumption of the medicine.It is important to note here that there are certain precautions which should be exercised while usingthe drug:
  • Inform the physician about the other medications which the user if consuming. It helps thedoctor to be aware of the problems or interference of the medications with the drug andthus can be very helpful to both the patients and the doctors.
  • If the patient has a hepatic Dysfunction, then the doctor should connect with patient andwithdraw the prescription.
  • The liquid formulation of the drug should be kept in the fridge but not the freezer. This willhelp to maintain the freshness of the syrup.
  • The doctor prescribes the use of the medicine and the patient should use the same accordingly.
  • It is also important to note here that even if the symptoms of the problem disasters, thepatients should continue the drug until the course is complete.
  • If the patient is already having any stomach disorder, then the doctor should made madeaware of the situation so that the user is not prescribed the same medicine.

Drug Interaction:

  • Just share the entire list of medications, herbal products and other drugs which the patient is using.This is important so that the doctor knows that the drug may interfere with the ongoing medicine ofthe user and the effect of the medicine will fall flat.It can interact with the following drugs:
  • Probenecid
  • Allopurinol
  • If the lady is having any oral contraceptive, then the users should stay away from the drug.

Drug Contraindications:

  • The doctor will not prescribe the medicine under the following conditions:
  • If the user has a family history of self history of cholestatic or hepatic dysfunction, then themedicine will not be prescribed by the doctor to the user.
  • If there is any sensitivity of Penicillin, then the user should not be prescribed the drug.Thus is becomes simpler for both the doctor and the user to administer the drug. When the clinicaresults of the drug are in front of the users, they feel somewhat confident about consuming thesame.

The information list for the drug is complete. All the listed possibilities are assembled and the users
can easily relate with the same. The medicine is one of the most widely used across the world and
the results are also as per the expectations of the user. The drugs across the world are circulated
with different brand names and the uses of the same drugs remain unchanged.