Medicines Exports From India

Lifeford Healthcare is a trusted Medicine Exporter and a reputed third party Pharma manufacturer in India. We expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of medicines that covers almost every condition and disease at very affordable prices. We wish make sure that they can reach a wide range of consumers worldwide so that more people can benefit from high quality affordable healthcare. We are registered with the Pharmaceuticals Exports council of India and are authorized to export our medicines all over the world.

Advantages of Importing Medicines from Lifeford Healthcare Pharma Exporters in India.

  1. Uncompromised High Quality Medicine Manufacturing Process.
  2. 100% genuine raw materials sourced from reliable and handpicked suppliers who pass our stringent Quality Checks for raw materials.
  3. Quick Global delivery with strictly monitored Supply Chain.
  4. Safe and reliable storage and cold chain supply network.
  5. Affordable pricing for developing and underdeveloped economies.
  6. Customer support that aims to exceeds expectations every time.

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A few words about our dedication to Quality

The most important aspect for us as a pharma company is the ‘QUALITY’ of product manufactured and ‘EFFICASY’ of our Supply Chain. We undertake systematic measurement, comparison with appropriate standards and monitor the process minutely which helps us prevent errors.  Our aim is to provide pharma products which fit their purpose exactly. Our products are manufactured with a standardized manufacturing process, documentation and we comply with good laboratory practices as required by quality and certifying authorities like WHO, GMP, ISO etc.

The most important detail that we take care of while manufacturing medicines is that of quality. Be it manufacturing of medicines or processes that take part in research and development or even testing and distribution process, quality is the parameter that remains uncompromised. 
The Quality Control team in charge of the quality of medicinal products ensures that the quality of our medicines is world class and is safe to use for its intended user demography.