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    Amikacin 500 mg injection

    An aminoglycocide effective against several accquired infections

    • Is an aminoglycoside that is very useful for the treatment of multi-drug resistant gram(-)ve infections
    • Is highly resistant to bacterial degradation
    • Is an important Group of antimicrobials used for severe sepsis
    • Is one of the most effective antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections


    Carboprost tromethamine

    To overcome the problems of Ovulatory disorders

    An advanced treatment in PPH management

    offers effective control in 3rd stage of labor

    • Effective in treatment of persistent haemorrhage due to uterine atony in 84-96% of patients


    Can be administered intramyometrial or IM in a dose of 0.25mg, the dose can be repeated every 15 minutes for a total dose of 2 mg(max of 8 doses)


    (Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + sulbactam 500 Mg) Injection


    • Ceftriaxone + Sulbactam combination is more effective than ceftriaxone alone in treatment of E.coli & bacterial endocarditis
    • Assures B-lactamase stablity
    • Effectively works against ceftriaxone resistant strains
    • MIC & MBC of ceftriaxone is lowered by addition of sulbactam and bacterial killing is enhanced proportionately(K.pneumoniae)


    clomiphene citrate 100 mg

    First line treatment for ovulation induction

    Administration of cc increases the number of the growing follies and plasma E,levels

    Recomended for ovulation Induction in

    • PCOS
    • Unexplained infertility
    • Anovulatory infertility
    • IUI with COH


    forabort-kit combipack of :1 tablet of mifepristone 200 mg & 4 tablets of misoprostol For unintended & unplanned pregnancy combination has better success rate than misoprostol alone safe effective & acceptable treatment for medical abortion Misoford Misoprostol 200 mg Tablet Misoprostol a synthetic PG-E1 analogue that causes the uterine contraction and fetus expulsion Mifoford Mifepristone…

    Life-O-Gest Capsules

    Natural micronised progesterone capsules

    Smaller the micron size better is the absorption

    The only 5 micron progesterone for enhanced absorption

    • Pearl coloured capsule with the benefit of 5 micron
    • offers high concentration in endometrial and placental tissue


    Life-O-Gest Injection

    Natural micronised progesterone injection

    When there is requirment of immediate increase in progesterone levels

    An ultra thin low viscosity Ethyl oleate base injection which makes Neogest injection pain less

    offers quantum of advantages

    • leads less plunger pressure required to give injection
    • Ensures compliance

    Life-O-Gest-SR Tablets

    Natural micronised progesterone tablets

    Natural micronised progesterone with ease of administration

    Maintain steady progesterone levels comfortably

    Oral sustained Release NMP offers

    • half life 18 hours which ensoures
    • steady progesterone levels through out the day
    • single dosage regime


    Enoxaparin 40 mg PFS injection

    Factors like

    • changes in hormone levels
    • changes in blood clotting factors
    • immobilization during pregnancy complications
    • inadequate uteroplacental circulation

    Increase thrombosis during pregnancy

    • RPLRecurrent pregnancy loss
    • PEPulmonary embolism
    • IUFDIntra uterine fetal death
    • IUGRIntra uterine growth retradation
    • NICENational institute of clinical excellence
    • RCOGRoyal college of obstertrics gynecologist